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The overarch goal of my research aims to understand the multi-scale and multi-physics processes in geotechnical engineering and to employ the new knowledge to advance the state of engineering practice.  Some engineering implementations include sediment transport, bridge scour, clay desiccation cracking, pipe pile foundation, geo-thermal energy etc.  


  • Soil mechanics/granular mechancs;

  • Fluid dynamics;

  • Soil chemistry;

  • Bio-Soil interactions;​

  • Geo-thermal heat transfer.


  • Macro-scale engineering challenges (~1.0 m);

  • Meso-scale soil properties (~1.0 mm) ;

  • Micro-scale clay particle interactions (~1.0 um).

Contact Angle Tensiometer
Pipe Pile Installation
SEM (shale rock)
Repose Angle of Sand
Bridge Deck Scanning from GPR
Compaction of Highway Shoulder


Lowry Hall 127

Clemson, SC, 29630

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